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by Plaice

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released March 27, 2018

Written and Performed by Adam Browne.
Recorded and Mixed by Ciaran Bradshaw at Heartache & Liquor Studios.
© & ℗ Sad Songs


all rights reserved



Plaice Dublin, Ireland

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Track Name: Wasted By Midday
As the morning passes by and the day grows old into the afternoon, I am wasted.
I could listen if I tried but my heart’s not able to communicate what I want to say.
I’m so tired of everything.
Won’t you help me?
Track Name: Goings
Who isn’t sick of home? Who doesn’t want to leave?
The longing for a change of view, a change in everything.
I left before, at Summer’s Foot, ignorant of love.
When I call you’re breaking down and I’m always breaking up.
I’ve been away for many months. The weather’s not quite right.
The milk is weird, the salt’s too much and the people are too nice.
I left again at Winter’s Peak, ignorant of love.
When I call you’re breaking down and I’m always breaking up.
I’m always breaking up.
Track Name: Control/And/Delete
I made a file on you and everyone you’ve ever known.
I know everywhere you’ve been, every leaf and every stone you’ve ever turned or ever thrown.
The records never lie.
If I wanted to make you disappear I’d just delete your life.
I made a file on you.
I made a file on you.
Track Name: A Death Off Scott
Hard times we came across in San Francisco.
Wildfires in your heart burn forever for a part of you that died.
As you whisper into the night, “Rage against the end, rage against the end of your life”.
Track Name: I Remember You Wholesale
In boxes, in rooms at the back, are pictures I keep of you.
A memory I hid in the cracks keeps crying “Adieu...Adieu”.
You always wanted me to forget all of them.
But, I couldn’t let go.
Track Name: Patient Two Zero Two
I’d like to see patient two zero two in my room.
They’ll want to sit down for the news.
It’s never the same symptom but always to do with the heart.
Your faking an illness for art.
Take a deep breath, you’re okay, but you’ve years to go.
Track Name: Apeiron
Looking to the future, I see nothing but “The Uncertainty”.
Mask undone, coattails trailing in blood.
Track Name: To Hollow
A green wall of names gone filled our view.
We sat in silence.
The days go so slow when you want but can’t receive.
To hollow me is to seed.
The days go so slow.
Track Name: Materialize Me 1.0
I’m missing some parts.
Resolve, ambition, ideals and a goal.
I’m a ghost in “The Hall Of Success” and flailing forever.
I know.
Take a strand of me, a hair, and make me whole.
I’m missing a heart.
A pulse, desire, amour and a spark.
Failing forever to fuck. I’m wasted.
I’m falling apart.
Take a strand of DNA and make a new shell for me to operate.
Please renew.
Track Name: Sometimes I Think Of The Multiverse
I would stand in the rain.
I could bend on a knee.
Take my hand, we’re the same.
We could drown in a sea, all alone, just us two.
We’re a match, it’s the truth.
I could stand in the rain.
When I dream of the day and it comes I’ll be there.
Bended knee and a rose.
I will stand in the rain.
I will bend on my knee.
I would stand in the rain.
I could bend on a knee.

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